Monday, November 7, 2011

To steal a phrase from a friend.....Oh my stars and garters!

I have discovered lotions and scrubs!  I have been reading, studying, researching and bouncing ideas off my soaping forum buddies for other things I can tackle with my limitations and they suggested I make lotion, creams, body butters, sugar scrubs and salt scrubs.  Not quite so easy with my limitations but doable with my loving husband's help.

As usual I picked up several books and talked to the folks that suggested these to me and its coming along nicely.  I have my first, after playing with formulas, unscented, whipped, body butter resting and I'm going to tackle more lotion crafting now.  I got in my orders for mango butter, avocado butter and sweet almond oil to add to the shea, cocoa butter, sunflower and olive oil I already have in stock.  And now I have cetyl alcohol to add to the other emulsifying and thickening ingredients I first ordered.

I'm set for creativity and fun and in the end, joy inducing products for all to try!  I'm also set for help *smile*  My awesome hubby steps in when can't do the physical parts and lets me guide him through the processes necessary to make a good, quality product.  Just the other night he got up every 5 mins to whip the body butter I'd made.  5 mins whipping, 5 mins in the freezer and he did this for over an hour.  I couldn't have done this alone at all.  He prefers, as do I, that I measure everything out and get it into their respective double boilers and do the heat and hold part.  Once that's done he pours it all together and starts mixing.  Hoping tonight we can make some lotion and cream together with some of the new ingredients tonight! 

How awesome is He to have put so wonderful a man into my life as my husband?!  He might get m.e.g.o. with all my chatter about new things to make but he's always got my back when my body lets me down and I say "Honey, I need help."  Thank the Lord for my husband.

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