Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ok I'm done beating my head against the wall. I'm back baby!

Been too long since I posted and I've made a lot of soap lol.  I've tried my hand at soaping with pureed pumpkin and got a gorgeous pumpkin pie soap but next time I'll keep the spices to the top so the soap stays looking like a slice of real pumpkin pie.

I also decided to take inventory to see just how much soap I had cured/curing.  A whopping 314!  And that was 2-3 weeks ago so the number has gone up some.  Not as much as it might have since I've been battling some really bad days with the Fibromyalgia messing with my brain/thinking/memory.  I had to give up trying to use an accounting program I'd used for years to set up my company records.  That left me so frustrated and in tears.  One more thing I was losing to the Fibro at least for now.

I talked with hubby and he was in agreement that buying SoapMaker3 Pro was a good move since it was made just for what I was doing.  I spent weeks banging my head against the wall trying to use Peachtree then spent 3 days entering every record I had, including my own recipes.  What a breeze it was and I was back to feeling confident again that I can do this.  You have to grab small victories instead of letting the down days drag at you constantly.

I've had one wood log mold come up cracked right where you screw in the post so I have to now use a clamp to hold the ends on tight so there's no leakage.  And one month after I started using some wonderful silicone molds, I love these things, one split 4" long when I pulled it out of the oven where it was preheating to 170F.  The supplier has already lied to me once about the phone number I gave him "not working".  It worked he just didn't leave a message.  I heard the phone ring but couldn't get to it and I heard the answering machine pick up and then the click of him hanging up.  So we're not off to a great start getting it replaced but they have it in stock and said they're sending me a replacement.

I also found a promising liner for my tube molds at my local cakes and chocolate supply business, Bryant's Candy Cake and Chocolate Supplies, and the folks helping me there were super nice and helpful.  My next great find locally was that Ace Hardware carries a 100% pure lye product.  I'm currently using one that is only 98.5% pure and I've had a few odd things pop up that always have me looking back at my lye amounts.  My scale is spot on and so is my measuring that means its time to look at the lye itself.  Easy fix to just start buying it 100% pure and local.

My hands say I'm done for now.  I just want to say to remember to look for one good thing for every one bad thing that happens and you're day will go soooo much better :)


  1. I just found your blog and you are very encouraging!! Keep it up! You're a real life inspiration to me!

  2. Thank you so much! I was always a "glass half full" person but Fibromyalgia has taught me how important it is to remember I see the glass as half full only because God isn't done filling it yet :D