Saturday, August 20, 2011

And here I go!

So I'm now soaping and champing at the bit to just go nuts with more and more batches of soap I can share.  Problem is now is when I need to have patience.  Try one formulation at a time, let it cure, send it out, wait for survey results and in general pace a groove in the floor *grin*  This is not easy for me.  My excitement is is driving me to distraction.  I want to soap! lol  God spent 3 years teaching me patience for a reason so I sit on my hands, some days that means literally, and try to just research, let the computer crunch numbers since I can trust it more then my own brain and keep trying to find that balance between an inexpensive soap that doesn't feel like it.

I'm trying to sell off my HP soaps since I have quite a few in 2 "scents".  I use quotes because one has nothing added.  So many better looking soaps out there on Etsy and competition is tough, as it should be.  That is what drives us to make improvements all the time to improve our soaps.  This too will take time.  Again, patience Laura.

In the meantime I was asked to apply for my daughter's Seasons Greetings Arts and Crafts Fair.  125+ vendors and 2000+ foot traffic.  I'm stunned.  I'm scared.  And I'm worried its too soon.  I've only been soaping for 4 months and by then it will only be 8.  Not long enough by most experienced soapers' recommendations.  If I wait until the Spring Fling Show in March it will still be too soon since I'll only have been soaping for a year by then.  I'm so torn and I'm spending a lot of time praying on this while still making batches of soap.  I feel led to trust and participate but I am catching myself lost in doubt.  I want to trust experienced people telling it how it is and because its the safest way to go about it.  But God doesn't always like to send you down the safest path. *smile*  He likes to send you down the path that tests what you've learned.  That you can trust him completely.  So back to praying while making the next batch of soap.

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