Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To soap or quit

So I have a few batches under my belt and I've done both cold processed and hot processed soap.  I can see the benefits and the joys of doing both.  I'm just not sure I can make much money doing this even if all I do is make it for the pleasure it gives me and I'm worried how much this is costing when we have so little.  So I start to questioning if this is a good idea.  We really can't afford this so maybe its not a good idea and it's time to just quit before I get any more invested in this then I am.  I can just make a batch here and there for my family because to be good enough to sell? I don't think we can afford the expense for me to get there when it takes around 6 months to a year to be ready.

Here's where I lose some of you and make some of you say Amen!

I was up at my usual time and sat down with a cup of coffee to watch 700 Club while I read a soap making forum.  I'm no where near done reading all the posts since I last visited (which was just the day before) when 700 Club reaches towards the end of its time and has its prayer time where they pray for people and give words of knowledge.  Now I'm not unfamiliar with this.  I've been in prayer meetings and revivals where it happens so it doesn't phase me as I start listening in.  I sit back, mug in hand, I get that feeling that I need to pay attention so I do.  And on 7/05/2011 at around 55mins and 45secs I hear:

"There's a woman, your nickname is Charlie..."

I almost drop my coffee cup as I hear my high school nickname that has followed me into adulthood.  I wipe at drips of coffee absently paying attention now to the word of knowledge being shared.

"and you have been praying and praying and have just reached a place of such discouragement"

I listen as this prayer punches me in the gut with its accuracy, tears starting to flow as I know this is about me.  Once again He's delivered just the right words at just the right time and as I claim this word for me I am filled with resolve and determination that I Will Succeed.

Within two weeks the family decides "Let's go have lunch at Regan's tea shop!"  Its a 45 minute drive but we know she's been having a rough couple of weeks and going there to eat, while a bit expensive for us, will do nothing but help her out.  I toss a couple bars of my soap in my purse to give to her as a pick me up.  Once we're done eating Regan comes over to say hi and make sure everything was great and I give her a hug and offer her the soaps.  She looks at them and gets a "you know..." smile. "My supplier keeps telling me she's not going to stop selling here but she's not sent me any more stock in 6 months."  she points to the soap display that we'd looked at and I'd been disgusted to see what looked like less then a 3oz bar of soap selling for $5!  "If you decide to sell soap, you can have her space."  I take her up on that offer with the caution that it might be months from now.  She doesn't care.

I can barely contain myself as we head to the car and once we're all seated my hubby and I cheer and thank God for this door opening, this further confirmation that I'm supposed to be doing this and that I just need to keep trusting.  I vow right there to tithe at least 10% of gross sales or $1 per bar, which ever is more and I feel like I'm floating on air I'm so ridiculously happy.  We stop at the health food store I use to pick up some supplies and the cashier, hearing hubby and I talk about my soap making, pushes a card into my hand "When you're ready to sell bring several bars in for our Cosmetics buyer to sample.  We prefer to sell what is made locally and by our customers."

I almost can't breathe.  I sit in the car on the way home and cry instead.  Tears of joy but also from being overwhelmed by love.  By being overwhelmed by Him and his generosity towards me.  We get home and I start searching bulk prices on the oils and herbs I use and start re-working my recipe to make it better while keeping costs down.  I want to sell 5oz bars for $3-4.  I want people to smile with joy when they use my soap it makes them feel so good.

I'm.  Not.  Quitting. *grin*

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  1. Hi Lyn from the soaping forum :0) just wanted to say that I have found your story inspiring and I hope your soaping brings much blessing to those whom use it and to you and your family.